October 12th blog

Arrived in the marina safely after a nice quiet night at anchor at Santa Cruz Island.  Very strange after 3 weeks at sea to be on a non moving with the engine off boat.  Jordan's introduction to diving in a kelp forest went well.  He could not believe the amount of fish life.  We saw school after school of fish of every type imaginable.  The overfishing in the Philippines and across the S. Pacific has just decimated those areas.   it was a really good feeling to pull into the berth in the good old USA within walking distance of an IN and OUT burger.  The engine now has over 2000 hours on it and we had traveled over 10,000 miles since leaving Mainland China.  Fortunately, we had no major mechanical problems that would have left us stranded somewhere.   Though it was bad, the weather encountered was normal for a west to east passage across the Pacific at this time of year.  I am preparing a trip report that will detail the mechanical issues we had, the seakeeping characteristics and efficiency of the boat and the way I choose to equip it, and my dealings with Seahorse Marine, the builder of the boat.  The story of my Diesel Duck is really a 5 year story detailing the building process and my many visits to the shipyard in a very off the beaten tourist path in Mainland China.  It will detail the commissioning process that took place at the yard, Hong Kong and in the Philippines.  And finally it details the delivery trip home to the USA on the boat's own bottom.  To summarize, the process of purchasing a boat from Seahorse Marine is not for the faint hearted with many trials and tribulations.  But in the end you will end up with a great boat at a great price.  Stay tuned for a detailed summary......          
 If you would have any questions or would just like to talk Ducks feel free to contact me at mvmobyduck@gmail.com
Moby Duck in Romblon, Philippines
Moby Duck in Romblon, Philippines

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