Jeff Merrill Yacht Sales - Unprofessional and Unethical. How to choose the right broker.

I have owned 9 boats and dealt with many brokers over those 40 years.  Never have I experienced a broker as unethical and unprofessional as Jeff Merrill.  I chose Jeff Merrill because he was involved with the sale of my Nordhavn 55.  He worked for Nordhavn / PAE at the time.  He left there to open his own brokerage - Jeff Merrill Yacht Sales, Inc.  I did not realize that all of his ethics and professionalism would go out the window as he pursued his philosophy of expanding his new brokerage at a...
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Operating costs

On the various forums I am a member of people constantly ask about annual operating costs.  On the Nordhavn Dreamers site owners constantly quote the 10 percent figure.  Meaning you will spend 10 percent of the value of your boat annually to maintain and cruise it.  I always get a good laugh about that.  As you delve into the figures you realize they spend most of their time in marinas versus at anchor, fly home frequently, pay someone to do most of their maintanence and waste money on things li...
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Moby Duck Video on youtube.com. The Boat IS for sale.

  •  7/31/2018
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Go to youtube.com and type 'Diesel Duck 462 Moby Duck' in the search field and you will go right to the video.  This video was produced when Jeff Merrill Yacht Sales had the listing.  This is an example of an unethical and unprofessional broker, Jeff Merrill Yacht Sales, who failed to sell the boat.  He is now trying to steer potential customers to his own current listings using my boat.  Note the 'NOT FOR SALE'.  He did a horrible job trying to sell it and definitely not recommended.  The boat ...
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Moby Duck for sale and the sale process so far.

Having both bought and sold 9 boats over the years I thought I knew what to expect.  But, people never cease to amaze me.  First, the great news is that everyone who has looked at Moby Duck loves it.  It is a very unique boat with nothing like it on the market.  That being said, it is the type of boat that requires a life style change.  At a cruising speed of 6 knots you are not going to go anywhere fast.  With it's 8000 mile range and bullet proof and energy efficient construction and systems i...
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My thoughts on the (near) perfect drive train for your boat

I am a member of the Nordhavn Dreamers group and the Nordhavn owners group.  There is a lot of good information there from a lot of knowledgable people including industry experts like Bob Senter and Steve D'Antonio who frequently contribute.  I loved my Nordhavn 55 and might someday own another Nordhavn and like to keep in touch.  There has been a long discussion recently in the group regarding engine and prop configurations.  Most Nordhavns have too large of an engine.  On long voyages they are...
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10 day California Channel Islands trip report and Boat still for sale!

After sitting at home recuperating from a major illness for many months it was time to say 'screw this' and head out on the boat again.  I cannot think of a better way to recuperate than cruising the offshore islands.  Crystal clear water for diving and swimming, hiking on the mostly uninhabited islands and just relaxing with a good book is exactly what I needed.  I am still recuperating physically after 7 hours on the operating table, and a long hospital stay and the worst three months of my li...
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 If you would have any questions or would just like to talk Ducks feel free to contact me at mvmobyduck@gmail.com
Moby Duck in Romblon, Philippines
Moby Duck in Romblon, Philippines

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