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Moby Duck in Romblon Philippines
Moby Duck in Romblon, Philippines
October 12th blog 10/12/2016
Arrived in the marina safely after a nice quiet night at anchor at Santa Cruz Island.  Very strange after 3 weeks at sea to be on a non moving with the engine off boat.  Jordan's introduction to diving in a kelp forest went well.  He could not believe the amount of fish life.  We saw school after school ... More>
October-3-blog 10/03/2016
We had planned to arrive at Ventura harbor today. After three horrible days of bad weather we decided we could not end what has been a great voyage on such a bad note. The bad weather was pushing us to the islands of the Channel Islands National Park. We decided to take advantage of this and not fight it ... More>
october-2-blog 10/02/2016
The gale in the Channel Islands area and the 10 foot seas it generated have slowed our progress. The wind and seas would hit us directly on the beam if we were to continue in a straight line to the harbor. Very unsafe. We have had to detour north so we could round Pt. Conception at a safer angle. ... More>
sept-30-blog 09/30/2016
Less than 300 miles to go. The only problem is that there is forecasted to be a storm with 30 knot winds and heavy seas in the Channel Islands area. It is supposed to last for three days. We need to cross this area to get to the harbor. We will head farther north over the next day or so than we need to. ... More>
sept-28th-blog 09/28/2016
32 24 n 129 56 w Heading of 80 degrees We are currently experiencing increased wind and swell that is coming south from Alaska. The trade wind shift has occurred with it now coming from the north allowing us to get more sail up. The swell is still coming from the northeast, the direction we are heading, ... More>