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Moby Duck in Romblon Philippines
Moby Duck in Romblon, Philippines
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sept-26th-blog 09/27/2016
It is Monday evening and after almost 2 days of gale force winds and big seas things are beginning to die down. The only good news has been that the wind has been from the north. When it comes from any direction but the northeast we can use the sails for stability and motorsailing. Speed has been around ... More>
sept-24th-blog 09/25/2016
Our autopilot pump has died. Hand steering the boat 24/7 for the next 6-7 days would definitely not be fun. The good news is that I do have a backup pump installed that was ready for activation with a flip of a couple levers and switches. Knowing that I would be single handing most of the time, making ... More>
sept-23-blog 09/23/2016
Our 13th day at sea. A weather pattern has developed. At night the wind and seas die down some allowing us to make 5 knots at the same rpm with reduced fuel consumption. During the day it is the same bashing into the usual head seas and the trade winds at 3.0-3.9 knots burning 1.7 gph. The wind has shifted ... More>
september-21-blog 09/22/2016
Large head seas and strong trade winds coming from the northeast hitting us directly on the bow continue to slow our progress. The weather report says things are supposed to die down tomorrow. We have our fingers crossed. Currently burning 1.7 gph at 3.2 knots. Very slow! After losing our ... More>
september-20-blog 09/20/2016
The weather has moderated somewhat allowing us 3.7 knots burning 1.6 gph. As long as we are able to burn 1 gallon per 2 nm we will have a nice fuel reserve and not cut it too close. We have about 1300 miles to go and about 1000 gallons of fuel left. Total Honolulu to Ventura Harbor is about 2300 nm. ... More>